Completing the 20 week scan…

15th and 23rd January 2014

Back at the diabetic clinic on the 15th January and all is well – apart from the fact that my 20 week scan still needs completing!

I’ve been referred to the anesthetist ahead of my planned section at 38 weeks so will have to go for an appointment with him/her at some point – just to talk through things!

My blood pressure is good and once again there is nothing in my wee to cause concern.

I am now on 30 units of insulin at lunchtime, 40 at teatime and 20 at bedtime – another steady increase.


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20 week scan…

10th January 2014

Christmas has been and gone and the long wait is finally over – it’s the day of our 20 week scan. I’m 21 weeks and 1 day pregnant!

We have had many discussions about whether or not we should find out what make this baby is – the pregnancy has been so different to my other 2, but that doesn’t mean anything really – I’m older this time round!!!

Having 2 boys already it would be nice to have a pink one…but do I want to know? Will I be disappointed?

No – as long as the baby is healthy and well, I won’t be disappointed… but do I want to know? Do we want to know?

I’m not sure…

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My next visits!

11th and 13th December 2013

I have been on tenterhooks for nearly 2 weeks. The bleeding happened again on December 2nd, but the Midwife assured me all would be fine – not to worry. I had had no pain, there was not ‘lots’ of blood, and it happens sometimes.

But this pregnancy is panning out differently to my other 2. I have never had this before… and I worry… every time I go to the loo… will there be more blood?

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Not a day as planned…

Saturday 30th November 2013

It’s early…

We’re in bed, planning…

Planning our day at the Manchester Christmas Markets…

Our family day….

Which train should be catch?

What time should we leave the house?

How many chocolate marshmallow lollies will we eat?

When suddenly things change…


All it takes is a trip to the loo…

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Back to hospital we go…

13th November 2013

The following week, as planned, we make our way for our next appointment. There is now no need for a scan as I had it last week…so it is just a long haul waiting for the diabetic clinic which, invariably, takes all afternoon by the time I have seen everyone!

My blood sugar levels seem to be ok, but slowly and steadily rising, so my insulin doses are altered again. I feel quite experienced myself now, 8 years down the line, so do tweak the does myself if I can see a problem…and with the consultants advice we decide on 10 units at lunch time, 28 units at teatime, and 18 units at bedtime. Oddly I don’t seem to need any insulin at breakfast which, for me, is a bonus!

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